Brian. S - 16, Aug, 2022

Soundynamic engineers have done an excellent job in wringing the most out of a relatively diminutive speaker. The Soundynamic Twinkle has 16w of power in total with two Hi-Mid speakers pushing 8w each and two membranes to enhance its low end.

 Let’s get to the point, as any amplifier will be tested by three main frequencies that constitutes its range.

The high ends the Hi-Mid speakers produce is clear and accurate. They are quite audible and problems like interfering with vocals or bass frequencies won’t happen in this small device. Although there is some harshness in the high end when the volume is set at maximum. It’s unavoidable that there will be some pronounced hardness and pierce when you crank up any portable speakers to its max and it also will do damage to inner unit which I don’t suggest you do for any situations.

 When playing Thriller by Michael Jackson it shows percussion a bit hollow and weak at full volume. But under around 80% volume it delivers clean and loud sound in its regular playback mode without any distortion or rattling. 

Now to mention its ability to handle vocal and mid range, it provides harmonious, cold and bright tone from whatever types of singers you play. If you set the volume at 50% or less, the track performance creates a texture which sounds full and crystal. I don’t find any strange or poor sound except when it broadcasts Come As You Are by Nirvana losing some details and knocking in part of its heavy guitar.

 Apart from this, no aspect of sound texture seems to be missing after all Twinkle’s Hi-Mid speaker is born to place a slight emphasis on vocals, preventing it from being eaten away by bass. It will be drowning out you in its dry sound.

Taking into consideration the size of Twinkle, the volume produces stunning low end . Twinkle’s bass quality is just like what other speakers of similar size will deliver. Normally, small speakers deliver fake or muddy sounds when it tries to push its bass.

 Before I played Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed peas , exaggeratedly to speak, I did not expect low end to be that meaty and punchy that my brain was almost been “boomed out”. Low ends of Twinkle does pack a punch when you want it to become how it is. Trust me it won’t let you down.

What is almost forgotten to be touched on is, if you are not satisfied with how Twinkle originally delivers music, Soundynamic app luckily supports bass EQ control with which you just need to slightly move your fingers and slide the round EQ interface to customize your personal preference for music.

 No matter you love warm, chill, hype or bright style, there are 8 modes of EQ to pick and enjoy. Or even, get two Twinkles and pair them together to create left&right channels. It indicates that our TWS function promises a virtual surround sound experience giving you the feeling that they are not from one single point source.

 In my personal opinion , try placing Twinkle on kitchen counter or 4 to 7 ft away wall and you will get a fantastic listening experience. Of course the best way to test the quality of a portable speaker is definitely to listen to it in person. Considering its sound quality and price solely, it’s a excellent speaker that is commendable to purchase.

 What do you think of Soundynamic Twinkle? Give it a go for its sound quality.