Brian. S -13, July, 2022

Appearance of a stuff always has some certain connections with its functions. And so does a Bluetooth speaker. Let me give you some details of Soundynamic Twinke’s appearance design.


To make the speaker look compact and sturdy, twinkle is made rectangle in shape which derives its design inspiration from tool cabinet as it showcases a thick industrial style. There are three colors for Twinkle, black, blue and yellow. Steel reticular grille cover the front&back sides. The remaining part is made of a soft plastic material throughout and a lanyard is attached to the angle which makes it wicked handy to hang on rings or hooks and carry with to any activities. There is a hole on bottom of device made for outdoor enthusiasts to screw it down on some other stuff like bicycles or cars. 

With translucent grills, two round trumpets could be dimly seen. The buttons on top of the speaker gives a perfect fit to the soft plastic material. And a small LED light is positioned on top, will give relevant signs when being paired, charging or running out of battery. On bottom of front side, you can see the tiny word Soundynamic is branded there, reflecting itself when lights flash by.

To a certain extent, the overall design delivers a old school smell at the first glance. You just can’t help grabbing the robust device to feel its texture. The speaker is made as strongly as it shows that even you could drop it on floor without worrying about any other extra accidental damages will destroy it.


Don’t judge people solely by their appearance. If Twinkle gives you the first impression that the device is silent and refrains itself from attracting your attention, then you are deceived by it. Let’s get right to the juicy stuff. +

With a circled LED light inset into front side, you will be surprised at how vividly it glitters in a dark environment. Now you might treat the feature with contempt for you can immediately sort through a list of many other Bluetooth speakers with the same lighting feature. Occasionally inspired by old disco music ballroom, Twinkle’s designers decided to put elements like disco flickers, distinctive color mix and rhythm into LED lights which is attainable on changing rapidly to the rhythm of whatever types of music you play. 

What’s more, there are 4 lighting modes in our Soundynamic app for you to pick, available for both IOS and Android users. The intention of adding LED lights on it is we hope we could endow diverse types of music, such as pop, jazz, rock rap, classic or any other special music, with visual shapes that can take you to another sensory dimension, where you can find brand new experience about sound and music.