What makes a good Bluetooth speaker?

Brian. S - 26, July, 2022

If you’re about to purchase a Bluetooth speaker and then you made it here then I must say, Bluetooth speaker is a medium that spreads energy and emotion through playing different types of music or sound, but simultaneously comes with some hard decisions when purchasing. What are supposed to be aware of when picking a Bluetooth speaker?


Some might complain their Bluetooth speakers a bit obtuse for their mundane appearance holding a black steel dumbbell when you take it out. Nowadays there goes a more and more fancy fashion in Bluetooth speakers while mobile devices keep evolving. Many manufacturers are racking their brains to design products meeting customers’ needs. How to make the fantasy come true?

It’s good to decorate them with exquisite cover or even add some vivid lights effect to them. But innovatively some manufacturers combine Bluetooth speakers with APP control which is the most sweet spot compared to the majority. With app control of its lights, it enables you to endow your favorite music with visible shapes. What’s more, it’s a stunning stuff if you could take control of bass EQ by app remote through which loops seem to be freed in a night vibe party. 

In short, a good app control might include features like bass EQ and light remote. etc. Nothing matters more than a vibe for chatting in a party that unwinds your mind, doesn’t it? 

Battery life

Unlike cable speakers, Bluetooth speakers are expected to keep playing as long as you need it. While you and your fellows are on fire in gathering party, you don’t want to see your own speaker “choke up” halfway which definitely makes you embarrassed. Duration of working is a key parameter to consider. It varies in speaker’s size and the way you play it. It means the smaller the speaker is, the less time it will last before it needs another charging. Continuously working at full volume could increasingly deplete the power of battery. With that said, remember to choose the one that is able to play more than 10 hours after fully charged up.

Audio quality

Why do I need to buy a Bluetooth speaker if it doesn’t work well? Therefore it’s necessary to make sure your speaker produces sound accurately and is able to address issues like distortion and noise resistance. At the same time it’s best to be heard loud enough wherever you go.


It’s nonsense all portable Bluetooth speakers posses portability. But even though they have slight differences in size, weight, shape and carrying features.

The smallest models can be 5 inches long or less, easily carried in a pocket. Larger models might be 18 inches or longer, providing better power and battery life at the cost of portability.

Shape is also a factor that determines its portability. Some speakers have an oblong shape, more convenient for grasping in one hand, while others have a more compact round or square shape. One thing worth mentioning is that it’s recommended to get ones with straps or handles on them with which you could easily grasp and carry them around no matter what the size or shape is. 


Compared to home cable speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers live a tougher and more arduous existence. They’re designed to be carried around, moved, shifted and turned upside down. They’re also meant to be used outdoors, where they can be exposed to heat, cold, dirt, and moisture.

To take above into serious accounts, a qualified portable Bluetooth speaker is expected to handle these conditions. Delicate electronics can be ruined by a direct exposure to water, that type of exposure is frequent in daily life. After all, they’re meant to be taken to the beach, on camping trips, kayaking and to parties full of people holding drinks.